will the iPhone 6 have a bigger screen?

My first smart phone was an iPhone 3GS, then a generation skip to the 4S. Following these, I eventually ended up with the Nexus 4, and then the Nexus 5. When I made the iOS to Android switch, it was after helping someone set up their business email with their Samsung Galaxy S3.

At first I sort of chuckled at the size of the S3, and thought who would want to tote this around in their pockets, as it was gigantic in comparison to my iPhone 4S. After watching a youtube video on the S3, and then searching the web (before responsive websites were coming into play)… the screen size started to persuade me. Also, I daylight as a graphic designer, so my inner screen real estate whore started to fall in love with the 4.8″ 1280 x 720 screen.

Once I got wind of Google putting out another Nexus phone, and the amazing price at which you can buy the phone unlocked; I looked no further because I had just started implementing Google Apps For Business into my company workflow.

So if you’re wondering why I googled ‘will the iPhone 6 have a bigger screen?’

I love tech, and although I think my feet are firmly planted into the Android sphere (now that Google Music is available in Canada), a really nice retina screen, bigger in size could pull me back…

Oh ya! Follow MKBHD on youtube. I watch his videos whenever I am considering a new tech purchase.