Where does the term ginch/gaunch originate from?

At the age of four I recall my sister being asked what they got for Christmas. ‘I got ginch’ she replied in an innocent nature… almost 30 years later this phrase is said at least once at every family function as a joke, with my dad being a frequent user of the term; though he uses a slight variation – ‘Gaunch.’

Underwear isn’t exactly a part of a child’s vocabulary at that age, let alone something we gave two poops about wearing in the first place (insert terrible photo here – that one your mom shows to all of your potential boyfriend/girlfriends, of you strutting around on your shag carpet wearing nothing but a pair of rubber duckies).

If you are unfamiliar with these terms, let me tell you what I un-wedged from the world wide web.

Most commonly, Gaunch/Gonch is what people use when referring to men’s underwear – tighty whities or thinning material once used as underwear.

Ginch, Gonch and Gitch are derived from Gotch. According to a few sources, this is a word from the Ukrainian language. Apparently the terms Ginch & Gonch/Gaunch are used mainly in British Columbia and Alberta, and as you head east, Gitch & Gotch are more commonly used.

Growing up, I had always assumed that Ginch were for girls, and Gonch were for boys…

The choice is up to you, and you can even take things one streak further by adding ‘ies‘ to the end of your Gonch – Gonchies! Admittedly, it does sound pretty silly, but I have also come across the word/slang Gonch as a type of unknown STI.

Do you have the Gonch?

So the next time you go through your laundry, what will be the term you use? Do you grab a pair of tighty whities, a comfortable pair of granny panties, or that ever so sexy pair of Ginch for that wild night out!

Perhaps you just go Gonchless.