Q: How long can you put a pop can in the freezer for?

Here are the top answers I found:

A: “You can keep it there until it blows up.” – Touché.

A: “Sodas are gross, drink something healthy!

A: The answer you’re probably looking for… approximately 20-30 minutes.

Other options:

  • put it on the bottom shelf of your fridge and in the back (this is usually the coldest part of your fridge, however, this needs a lot longer to chill).
  • for the sake of science, put it in a bucket with water, ice, and salt (we should google this for you… link to come).
  • play around with the temperature settings in your fridge (this can be tricky because you don’t need to start thawing everything you put in there).

All and all if you can get away from pop… do it. When I feel like I need a carbonated drink, I go to soda water and add a lemon or lime to flavour.