If you fart outside when it’s cold, does it show up like your breath?

Our first facebook message request, and it’s a real breath of fresh air! If you had to guess the gender of the person who requested this, you’d probably be wrong.

The answer to this question is pure science…

Your breath:

“When you can see your breath outside on a cold day, this scientific process is called condensation. Exhaling when it’s cold out, the water vapor in your breath condenses into lots of tiny droplets of liquid water and ice that you can see in the air as a cloud, similar to fog.”

Your farts (farts are the common name for flatus or flatulence):

1st answer – “You can see your fart in cold weather if you hold a lighter to it.” – True enough.

2nd answer – Seeing your fart depends on how much water vapour is in it, how cold it is outside, and how many layers your fart has to go through to escape it’s fabric prison. Given the right set up, after all my research, it is possible… however, most unlikely.

Your fart pretty much has to slip out in the form of diarrhoea while you are ice fishing in Yellowknife with absolutely nothing covering your derrière (fine tush).