How do you approach someone about their body odour?

There comes a time in your life when work becomes a little more complicated than 9 to 5. Where a certain aroma has got you so distracted you can’t even concentrate on surfing the web (on company time of course).

And you can’t forget those days of school where you were listening to your teacher, professor, a lecture; where one of your fellow classmates forgot to take a shower that Friday morning, let alone any morning that week.

Something needs to be done, right? But what?

The best result I came across was: send an anonymous email…

Sounds easier said than done. And really, how sincere are they going to take your email without feeling attacked?

There really isn’t an amazing way to deal with this, where you’re not going to offend someone. Depending on certain people’s beliefs (even allergies), deodorant and perfumes are just too sensitive or against the rules to be applied to the source of the Pepé Le Pew.

However, there are other ways to approach this in a respectable manner, as we don’t always have a full understanding as to why someone’s certain aroma could be distracting in the first place. Reaching out to your boss/teacher would be a polite, even professional means of approaching this smelly situation. Especially if you think your email is going to be a little too harsh.

Here is the Google Results page.