How many different types of red wines are there?

Let’s just say it’s easier to count the countries posted on those little signs in the wine section than it is to write a blog post about all of the different types of red wines out there. So I’ll make this simple as I only wanted to brush up on my red wine knowledge for dating season… I mean summer.

First, here’s a little chart I found (source link below), that put how many types of red wines are out there into perspective. There are 32 types of red wine on this chart, and if they chose to show them all, they would have needed a bigger chart as there are hundreds of types around the world.

Here are the ones I am brushing up on as I’m sure you’ve heard of these before. Now I’ll have a better understanding of them the next time I’m on a date:

  • Pinot Noir – they usually have a berry or black cherry taste, they are lighter, and the older it is the drier it is (you know what I’m talking about here ladies… I think it will be harder to find a date now after that comment)
  • Merlot – not too sweet and not too dry, a Goldilocks wine by the sounds of it, and good for someone just entering the Red Wine universe
  • Zinfandel – I have read that it’s the sweetest of all red wines, and usually the cheapest (perfect for the first time I have a date over, and not because I’m cheap, but I’ll pony up when I think she’s sweet enough to meet family and friends)
  • Malbec – every time I have had a Malbec I think of tobacco in my mouth, and if that’s your thing, I couldn’t be happier for you
  • Cabernet Sauvignon – just pronouncing this wine makes me think I could charm the knee-high socks off of any ol’ gal – it has dark fruit flavours and hints of black pepper to bell peppers
  • Syrah (or Shiraz) – last on my study guide, it is the darkest and driest on my list – like Cab Sauv it has dark fruit flavours with a spicy peppery finish

If you have a red wine that you would recommend that’s not on this list, please let us know what else is out there that we shouldn’t miss out on.

And remember to drink responsibly!

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Photo by Kym Ellis Photographer on Unsplash