How many Care Bears are there?

If I were an investigative journalist I probably wouldn’t have given up so easy on this question. Since I’m not, I surrendered quite easily!

Seriously, there are a lot of fricken Care Bears! When I started counting I soon realized that there were some that only debuted as toys and never made the cartoon. It doesn’t end there either. There is cousins to the bears which are a part of the Care Bear family as well. A lion, a rabbit, even a pig… oh my!

In my research, I did end up watching the opening theme song, and part of an episode that I actually recalled from my childhood. I didn’t think the bears were older than me either, but they are. Originating in 1981, they were created for greeting cards and were much easier to keep track of.

The 10 original Care Bears are:

  1. Grumpy Bear
  2. Wish Bear
  3. Cheer Bear
  4. Birthday Bear
  5. Tenderheart Bear
  6. Funshine Bear
  7. Good Luck Bear
  8. Friend Bear
  9. Bedtime Bear
  10. Love-a-Lot Bear

Photo by Daniil Ku┼żelev on Unsplash