How many Canadian players are on the New York Rangers & the LA Kings?

If neither the Rangers or the Kings are one of your go-to teams, and your heart bleeds red, white… well, just red & white up here in Canada; then you may come to the conclusion to cheer for the team who has more Canadian born players than the other.

The New York Rangers have 13 Canadian players on their team, while the Los Angeles Kings have 14. These numbers were taken directly from the official NHL websites for both teams.

So there you have it, I’ll be cheering for the Hartford Whalers.

Did you know that the New York Rangers were the first U.S of A team that had won a Stanley Cup? Way back in good ol’ 1927-28.

To this date, the LA Kings have only won one Stanley Cup. They were also suppose to be the last team to win it according to the Mayans (2012).