In no way do I work for, or am I officially attached to Google. The history of my online life is quite simple. I grew up with dial up modems, Netscape was my original way to search the web, and I fought with my brothers for use of the computer in order to message a crush I had in high school (via ICQ).

Googling for me did not truly exist until the mid-to-late 2000’s, and I regularly used Apple devices for graphic design, and to connect to the world wide web. I had started following MKBHD (a tech reviewer) on YouTube who had an influence on my cautious switch from an iPhone 4S to a Google Nexus 4 (I wanted more screen real estate at the time).

I still use apple devices: a mac for my graphic design software (Adobe Creative Suite), and an iPad while relaxing. However, since the purchase of my first Google product I have consistently grown fond of the Google environment.

I went from Safari to Firefox, Firefox to Google Chrome, Mac Mail to GSuite (previously known as Google Apps for Business… and some other different names) in early 2013. My Nexus 4 turned into a Nexus 5, then a Nexus 6P, and now a Google Pixel 2. I have a Chromecast for playing YouTube videos on my TV, and a Google Home to set timers for cooking.

I regularly use Google Play Music, Movies, Photos, and I am slowly getting into the Books app. For my graphic and web projects I use Google Drive and it’s documenting tools to organize that part of my life, as well as analytical tools on my websites for marketing purposes.

Some may call me a bit of a Google snob these days, and I have nothing against any other device/tool that’s out there (I will confirm that I would never go on a date with someone who says they use Yahoo Search, or uses a email address). It’s just a product/service that I have come to trust and rely on which makes it incredibly easy to recommend all of my friends, and anyone who runs or planning on starting-up a business.

If you have any questions, please give me a shout.