Have you noticed it can be very overwhelming with the plethora of online tools out there at our disposal: learn how to draw, learn how to take a picture, start freelancing… is the earth really shaped like a sphere?

You’ll start searching for that one app, that one website with under budgeted webinars that will teach you how to get your ideas out onto the round globe in which we live upon. Eventually you’ll find yourself lost and distracted with crazy YouTube videos sprinkled with a cursed spiralling thoughts of… ‘what is the meaning of my life?’

Where am I go with this? Well I’m sure some of you out there are aware of Google Analytics, and some of you are not. Basically, it is a tool that I use on my website to find out more about the lovely people that have come to visit

With this tool I want to share with you: where are my visitors coming from, how many visitors do we get per month, and the amount of time one spends on this fantastic website.

With these insights you’ll have a pretty good idea whether or not you want to advertise on my site. With options to be featured in a post, ad banners strategically placed throughout the site showcasing your sweet offerings, and an overall way to sell what you passionately believe in.

At this time we are collecting that data as we gain some ground in this competitive blogosphere. We’ll gather data up until the end of June, and then in early July we will provide that info for you right here.

Should you have any questions in the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact