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I’d like to welcome you to thingsigoogled.com! A website dedicated to the results of the honest things I’ve googled.

Here at things I googled, no question is a stupid question. However, my maturity and book smarts will be questioned on a daily basis.

There is nothing I care more about than our visitors’ safety so I have done you a favour by googling “how to sit at a computer,” and “how to reduce eye strain while reading.”

First, let’s talk about eye strain.

  1. There’s nothing like making your grandparents jealous by upping the size of the text on your phone. Go ahead, I dare ya!
  2. Adjust the brightness and use the night mode on your mobile devices when needed.
  3. Reduce glare.
  4. Do not read while driving… or text.

I’m sure if you have a desk job or sit at a computer during school days you have been drilled with the ergonomics of how to sit correctly in front of the computer. Well here’s a quick video reminder:

Stay safe on the internet!